Party Wall Surveyors in London

We at CHPK have over 20 years of experience dealing with Party Wall matters in London and the southern countries, additionally we cover northern regions too. In industrial, retail, logistics, residential and commercial environments, we represent both the building and the adjoining owners.

Party Wall Surveyors London

We are a specialist team who can assist you with any Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters in London, whether you are a developer or a recipient of a notice or request for access.

The Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 offers a framework for preventing and resolving disputes regarding the work being undertaken to boundary walls, excavations near neighbouring buildings and Party Wall structures (the dividing walls between properties, floors/ceilings of flats etc.)

The Act outlines the rights that each side of an adjacent structure or boundary (for excavation matters) has in relation to applications for building works. According to the said Act, parties must be notified when any works are being undertaken to a Party Wall/structure, if there are works up to or on the boundary, and for excavations within 3 and/or 6m (measured at an angle of 45dgrees to the adjacent foundations) and to a lower level.

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Our Approach

At CHPK, we take a refreshing approach to construction services in London. We will not bombard you with industry jargon to sound clever. We believe in taking a human approach. You deal directly with us, not our voicemail. We’re a diverse team and proud of what we can deliver for you. Our team can cover everything from Party Wall Matters to access request for scaffolding and crane appraisals.

It may not be everyone’s idea of a party, but for us Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters are one of those complex matters that we really enjoy getting stuck into. We provide Party Wall surveying services in London and the surrounding area. We can undertake the role of surveyor for the building owners and adjoining owners, or the role of agreed surveyor for both parties.

Alternatively, we can also provide guidance and advice on a general level. We have experience across a wide range of buildings and projects, many of which encompass multiple adjoining owners and issues.

CHPK holds the following professional accreditations:

worksafe consultant
iso 9001 construction consultants

How can we help?

Acting on behalf of Building Owners

As party wall advisors we have acted for building owners across the country, serving all relevant notices, preparing schedules of condition and agreeing party wall awards liaising with architects and engineers. We deal with works relating to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

Acting on behalf of Adjoining Owners

We regularly act for adjoining owners where party wall notices have been served upon them to ensure they are correctly represented under the Act and the correct legal procedures are followed, prior to works commencing on site.

Acting on behalf of both owners as Agreed Surveyor

We act for both owners where they have agreed that a single surveyor is suitable to determine the matter in dispute.  This option is most suitable where the matter/s in dispute are not contentious. Typically this is associated with residential work of a simple nature and is cost effective with regards to fees.

Party Wall London Case Studies

Party Wall Surveyors in London

Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill Gate, London

Appointed to act on behalf of the Building Owners in connection with a large basement extension. Timing was a key driver for them and our role was to resolve issues so work could commence without delay.

Once the engineering aspects, consents and security were agreed, it was a case of agreeing the Awards quickly. We have a RICS based award we use, but with sensible, relevant additions we find most surveyors are in agreement too. We also negotiated security for expenses sums with several of the Adjoining Owners, supported with further analysis by our in house QS.  In total there were 8 awards to agree.

The whole process took 10 weeks to agree, from service of notices. We had a satisfied Building Owner. Detailed method statements and temporary works were agreed as part of the Award which meant the contractor was in no doubt as to what was required on site. Early, thorough planning, together with swift follow ups, meant there were minimal issues on site.

London Party Wall Surveyors

Red Lion Court, Wapping, London

Appointed as the Building Owners’ surveyor on the conversion and new build elements to the last converted Wapping warehouse building.

In total there were 32 adjoining owners affected, which meant a great deal of coordination was required and some tight time scales to meet along the way.

During construction, damage was caused to the adjoining properties which resulted in much investigative work and in-depth negotiation with adjoining owner’s surveyors. Simultaneously, the appointed contractor went into administration, which added further complexities. Insurers and solicitors from multiple parties became involved generating more layers of complications.

Supporting the Building Owner’s throughout the process, our team were instrumental in resolving matters professionally and effectively

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The following would be pleased to provide references for CHPK and the team. Names and contact details can be provided upon request.

party wall matters

“It is an absolute pleasure working with the CHPK team and I could not be more happy with the service they provide and the support they have given.”

Peter George – Scape Student Living Limited

Party Wall Frequently Asked Questions

Party walls are structures that are shared between two properties and are also known as party structures. An example of a construction activity that requires a party wall agreement is a boundary wall or a garden wall. These can also be floors separating flats, which are also known as party structures.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 became active in England 1 July 1997. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, the act was first proposed.

The Act gives building and land owners certain rights and obligations when undertaking a construction project. When performing Party Wall activities, the property owner must notify his or her neighbours of the proposed undertaking. This refers to any construction project that may affect neighbouring structures, such as rear extensions and basement excavations, which are common instances in which a party wall award would be required. Prior to beginning work, the building owner must therefore have the necessary consent.

Preventing neighbour party wall disputes and providing a framework for resolution are the goals of the act.

A party wall award is a legal document between the building and adjoining owner.

Yes, we do. On larger scale projects, numerous considerations are thrown up which require a multi-discipline approach, for example special foundations, or security for expenses for example. That’s what sets our team apart. We utilise our mixed skill set of construction disciplines to pre-empt issues and proactively solve problems. Within CHPK, our London Party Wall team all have the necessary knowledge to provide expert, accurate party wall advice.

After the work is finished, the surveyors will check the condition of the neighbouring property. They will compare the schedule of conditions with the current condition of the property and record any damages.

Damages caused by the works must be repaired or a financial settlement reached.

Our expert team at CHPK can assist Building and Adjoining Owners. We help ensure a smooth and efficient process for everyone.

No, according to the Party Wall Act, any notifiable works must receive the neighbours’ consent in advance. A Party Wall agreement is not necessary for all construction projects. Please get in touch with our staff at CHPK if you have questions about party walls or are unsure about the proper approach.

According to the Party Wall Act, the building owner is often responsible for covering the reasonable charges of the neighbours’ surveyors. Only in relation to notifiable party wall works are the fees liable.

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Party Wall Guides

RICS – Consumer guide to Party Walls

Party Wall etc. Act 1996 – Explanatory booklet

RICS – Consumer guide to Right to Light

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