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We represent a variety of tenants and landlords in leasehold maintenance and dilapidations concerns as one of the best commercial dilapidations surveyors in Leeds.

Dilapidation Specialists in Leeds

CHPK is a leading authority in dilapidation negotiations in Leeds. Our RICS-qualified dilapidation surveyors can guide you through the procedure with a minimum of bother.

With more than 20 years of expertise in Leeds, we specialise in offering professional advice on dilapidations. Our skilled Chartered Building Surveyors follow the strictest guidelines when creating and negotiating all dilapidation schedules.

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Our Approach

Dilapidations, whether acting for a Landlord or Tenant, involves two specific skills: the technical ability to correctly detect the breaches of covenant within the demise and the intellectual capacity to analyse sometimes complex leases and licences. For many years, CHPK has dealt with complex dilapidations issues, and this experience is essential to achieving the outcomes that our clients demand.

Dilapidations, however, goes beyond a strictly technical exercise because it involves two parties trying to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. At  CHPK, we are experts at presenting complex arguments that result in favourable financial outcomes. Unfortunately, the opposing side can become stubborn in their stance, necessitating the involvement of lawyers. At this point, if your current advisor lacks the necessary expertise, we are happy to accept an instruction and change the nature of our engagement to that of an expert witness with a duty to the court.

CHPK holds the following professional accreditations:

worksafe consultant
iso 9001 construction consultants

How can we help?

We provide advice well ahead of key lease dates to enable measured decisions to be made for sound financial and logistical reasons.

When acting for Tenants we respond to the Landlord’s schedule in a robust but diligent manner to avoid unnecessary escalation.

When acting for Landlords we prepare detailed and accurate schedules of dilapidations costed by our QS team so that the claim is presented with little room for negotiation.

At all stages of the process we focus on communicating the detail of the process to our clients clearly and concisely so that, where commercial decisions need to be made, they can be made quickly and the sums involved are not unexpected.

“It is an absolute pleasure working with the CHPK team and I could not be more happy with the service they provide and the support they have given.”

Peter George – Scape Student Living Limited

Dilapidations Frequently Asked Questions

We cover everything to do with Dilapidations including:

  • Schedule of Dilapidations
  • Leeds Dilapidation Negotiations
  • Tenant Dilapidations in Leeds
  • Landlord Dilapidations in Leeds
  • Leeds Dilapidation Surveys
  • Dilapidations Advice
  • Dilapidations Assessments
  • Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations
  • Developing a Dilapidations Strategy
  • Calculation Dilapidations Liabilities
  • Advising on Dilapidation repairs and claims

In most cases, a business lease will include certain responsibilities the tenant must fulfil before the lease expires. The schedule of dilapidations is built around these lease conditions. The agreements would be examined by a dilapidations surveyor, who would then decide what is the tenant’s responsibility.

We fight for a just settlement that benefits both the landlord and the tenant. Our team is available to assist you whether you are about to enter into a lease, the landlord has served a Schedule of Dilapidations, or your lease is about to expire.

The term “dilapidations” refers to the tenant’s legal obligation to maintain assets that are in need of repair in accordance with the terms of the lease.

The process for handling dilapidation claims that intends to result in early settlement is known as the Pre-Action Protocol. This can save both the landlord and the tenant time and money while yet providing enough protection for both under the tenancy agreement.

The pre-action protocol is used at CHPK for all dilapidation programmes.

Please feel free to call us to speak with a qualified dilapidations surveyor. Our knowledgeable team is available to assist.

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