Building Safety Act Principal Designer

Building Safety Act Principal Designer: What you need to know

The new enhanced duties placed on the Principal Designer by the forthcoming Building Safety Act will likely be passed onto the Lead Designer in a similar fashion to the way the Principal Designer function was assigned following the introduction of the CDM Regulations 2015.

The following additional general duties will be assigned to the appointed Principal Designer under the BSA:

  • Co-operate and share information with the Building Safety Regulator
  • Ensure compliance with the Building Regulations
  • Comply with the specific regulatory requirements imposed upon them
  • Ensure they and the people they employ are competent do the work they are undertaking

With reference to the specific role of the Principal Designer under the Building Safety Act, here is a link to CHPK’s ‘Principal Designer timeline’, which sets out the requirements placed upon the Principal Designer as aligned with the current RIBA plan of work (2020) – BSA RIBA Timeline

Additional Tasks of the Principal Designer under BSA:

Building Safety Bill news

Creation and submission of the Fire Safety Plan to the Regulator

Change Control Plan

Ensure the design complies with the building regulations

Building Safety Information Pack

Demonstration of competency to the Client

specialist Building Regulations

Establish a Change Control Plan

CDM Regulations 2015

Submission of full plans and supporting documents to the Regulator via the Client

Principal Designer

Recording of design changes in the Change Control Plan

Building Safety Regulator

Preparation of the Building Safety Information Pack for issue to the Regulator via the Client

latest on Building Safety Bill

Issuing of a conformity statement to the Regulator

The Act clearly states that Duty Holders can utilise the skills of consultancy services to help them with the discharging of their duties under the Act.

CHPK are ideally placed to assist your practice in complying with both the duties of the Principal Designer under the CDM Regulations 2015 and the Principal Designer role under the Building Safety Act.

With over 20 years of experience in discharging duties under the CDM Regulations and specialist Building Regulations experience in-house, we can provide you with an all-in-one solution to meet your competency needs.

The new Building Safety Regulator’s powers to stop work, delay occupation and issue unlimited fines may cause unacceptable delays and add extra financial burden to your project – contact CHPK to discuss how we can assist you ensuring you are both competent to undertake the role and comply with your duties on all buildings currently in scope.

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