Most people will at some stage require a survey of some kind and many surveyors will offer this service. What makes CHPK different from other surveyors is our approach to the task.

We do not use standard templates as we believe no two buildings are alike. We always tailor our survey, report and fee proposal to your specific requirements.

We spend time talking to clients before we undertake the survey so we know exactly what they need. This ensures that when you receive our report it contains all the information necessary without paying for information you don’t require.

CHPK surveys include:

Acquisition: for the commercial property investor, potential owner occupier or lessee.

Condition: for clients who require an assessment of the existing state of repair of their properties.

Service charge: for potential occupiers who may be taking on service charge liabilities.

Building pathology: to determine the cause of a specific problem and offer solutions

Equality Act and Health & Safety assessments: to determine the works required to meet legal obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act and Health & Safety legislation.

Planned Preventative Maintenance surveys and schedules

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