Project Management – A Refreshing Approach to a Traditional Market

Effective Project Management involves getting all parties to work as a team to ensure that the client gets the works completed on time and to budget. At CHPK, we cover the whole project from inception to completion and believe that all construction projects are more successful when they are run in a collaborative manner, which will ultimately promote the most productive working relationships between all parties.

Project Management should be geared to:

• Minimising Risk
• Achieving Quality
• Maximising Investment Returns
• Maintaining Safety


Teamwork for a Successful Project

Today’s industry revolves around tight deadlines and all parties must move forward together to maintain momentum for the success of the project. Without teamwork, the only outcome is a project that is late and over budget and a very unhappy client.

Maintaining Momentum is Crucial

Associated Challenges

Project Managers must understand the considerable challenges of the construction industry’s many complex inter-related processes. Every project is unique and will therefore have unique challenges and issues.

Whether it’s a conversion, a refurbishment, a new build or an extension, there will always be logistical issues which some Project Managers leave to the contractor. To deliver a project successfully, these matters need to be considered in advance and planned for. For example, when working in central London, access is always a major factor.

With conversions and refurbishments, each building will present specific problems relating to its age, construction and literally the ground it is built on.


Old Buildings

We consider ourselves experts in the refurbishment and alteration of old buildings. Old buildings are quite often narrow and have been altered numerous times over the years and this presents its own set of challenges. Quite often, to convert these buildings into desirable spaces for retail or office tenants, the basement depth has to be increased and adjacent units joined. For retail clients, it is not uncommon to extend into the first floor above.  More often than not, work has to be carried out whilst some of the floors are occupied. Therefore it is essential to create as little disturbance as possible, whilst maintaining safety for all.


Staying Up-To-Date With New Developments

Project Managers have to move with the times and this involves refining management expertise and techniques. Skills have to be continually expanded and reviewed so that they can be incorporated into future projects. At CHPK we take pride in our Continuing Professional Development and all staff have unlimited access to CPD programmes run by RICS.

Experience and Portfolio

Established for 12 years, our portfolio includes many high profile clients including Chelsfield, The Knightsbridge Estate, Dreams, BSkyB, AmsProp, Nabarro, CMS, CBRE Global Investors, AECOM, DMGT and the Sellar Property Group. With our wealth of industry knowledge, expertise and experience, this places us in an unrivalled position to provide professional advice to clients who require their Consultants to have an in-depth knowledge of the processes involved in all construction projects, from inception through to completion.


Project Management Services

CHPK offers a full Project Management service across London and throughout the UK, for all types of construction projects, in both the private and public sector and for a diverse range of clients, in the most demanding of areas. For many years CHPK has successfully concluded multiple projects on time and to budget.

CHPK’s offers comprehensive Construction Consultancy services include:

  • Full Project Management Service
    • Project Planning
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Quantity Surveying
    • Contract Administration
    • CDM 2015
    • Space Planning
    • Design Management and Liaison
    • Production of Tender Documents
    • Project Monitoring

Next Steps

If you would like to work with a company whose ethos is built around making Project Management a ‘refreshing and enjoyable’ experience, a company that listens to the needs of its clients in order to achieve favourable outcomes and which harmoniously delivers specifically tailored, effective solutions that will protect and enhance property values, please call us on 020 7377 2739 or email

We are able to offer a wide range of other Construction Consultancy services and would welcome the opportunity to meet to discuss any specific requirements. CHPK are RICS regulated Charter Building Surveyors and our Directors and staff hold various, recognised industry accreditations.