109 Great Portland Street

Client: NAAMA

Value: Confidential

Duties: CHPK are delighted to be assisting NAAMA in reinventing the tattoo removal industry by providing our full range our high-quality construction services for the development of their first worldwide facility offering a luxury space and treatment rooms for their one of a kind tattoo removal service.

We tailored our services to fit their specific unique needs and budgets, so NAAMA were able to build and design a new and fresh location for their business. Our CHPK Project Management, Cost Consultancy and CDM Advisor teams ensured that both the design stages and the building of the project ran smoothly from start to finish.

Communications with the client, designers, technology team and contractors guaranteed that we were able to effectively influence every aspect of the project leaving NAAMA with knowledge that they were in safe hands.

NAAMA are an exciting new brand of tattoo removal. NAAMA stated:

“We're on a mission to reinvent tattoo removal - from our breakthrough technology (which works really quickly, effectively, and doesn't hurt the skin), to our first-of-its-kind luxury tattoo removal space. We believe that people change, so their body art should be able to change too. We grew tired of the second-rate incumbent offering: unsafe technology, agonizing treatments which damage the skin, a sub-par customer experience and slow, ineffective removal taking up to several years. So we set out to change it. No white coats, waiting rooms, flimsy paper forms and poor service - instead, curated art exhibitions, craft coffee, state-of-the-art treatment rooms and bespoke removal packages, delivered by the most highly trained laser experts in London.”