Equality Act Access Audit

CHPK can audit your business to ensure it fully complies with The Equality Act 2010.

The Equality Act replaced the Disability Discrimination Act to protect disabled people and prevent any sort of discrimination on account of disability.

It provides rights legal rights for disabled people in the following areas:

– Employment

– Education

– Access to goods and services (including larger private clubs)

– Buying and renting land or property

– Functions of public bodies

Disabled people must be able to access all these services without restriction and employers have an obligation not to discriminate against staff members. This can mean physical alterations to your premises or even the addition of different facilities such as accessible WCs.

CHPK can carry out a full audit of your premises to make sure that your facilities comply with the Equality Act. If alterations are required we can advise on what alterations are needed and a budget cost for those alterations.

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