Dilapidations expertise

How dilapidations matters have been dealt with over the past 10 years has changed dramatically. Attitudes of surveyors, tenants and landlords have changed over the years. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. This is due to a number of matters, namely; the protocol, the recession and a young generation of dilapidations surveyors.


CHPK have always regarded ourselves experts in dilapidations matters. Our founder was a leading light in dilapidations and regularly lectured for the RICS. We now strive to continue that expertise in the practice.


You don’t need to simply trust us on this, we have the training to prove it. Both Tom and Gavin attended the inaugural RICS Certificate in Dilapidations course, are members of the RICS dilapidations forum and have attended the RICS Dilapidations conference each year for the last 7 years.


We make sure that we are completely up to date with dilapidations best practice now and we understand where dilapidations matters are going.