HSE announce inspection focus

The Health and Safety Executive have announced their autumn drive is on health matters, in particular lung health of workers.

In the construction industry we carry out a lot of work that could have serious impacts upon lung health, from minor tasks such as cutting plasterboard or MDF to major tasks such as demolition, but we are required to always consider how to mitigate those risks to workers. 

As consultants, designers and CDM practitioners, we shouldn't forget that the duty to mitigate those risks doesn't just sit with the contractors. We have a duty to reduce those risks at design level; can we remove the need to cut that plasterboard by increasing or decreasing the wall size?

If you aren't considering health in the same way you are accident prevention, maybe now is the time to start.

CHPK can offer the following services:

  • Principal Designer Services
  • CDM Advisor to the Client
  • Advisor to the Principal Designer

CHPK are an APS Corporate member, SMAS Worksafe Consultant, Regulated by RICS and ISO 9001 accredited.