Building Pathology

Buildings protect us from the elements and provide safe, dry spaces for us to live and work. But when faults develop, businesses can be devastated and lives ruined.

From the roof to below ground drainage there are countless problems which can develop in buildings. CHPK are experts in quickly and efficiently identifying which faults or defects are affecting a property and rectifying them.

CHPK will investigate and diagnose the problem. If intrusive investigations or specialist advice is required we will organise the necessary expertise at the right price.

Where possible, clients are offered a choice of remedies. We will offer a clear, simple explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of each along with our recommendation. We can even arrange and monitor the remedial works on your behalf.

Our tried and tested diagnosis saves money, time and inconvenience by getting to the heart of the problem fast and making high-quality repairs.

CHPK has experience repairing a wide range of properties, from traditionally built Victorian and Georgian homes to modern warehouses, office buildings, retail spaces and complex industrial sites.